Solar Powered K1 Float Pump and 12V Battery from Kelln Solar

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K1 Float Pump System from Kelln Solar. A solar powered float pump delivers water to your cattle keeping them safe and healthy while you save on electricity or fuel costs. Remote livestock watering solution. Includes: - 12V 105Ah Battery - Pump with Float & 60ft of wire, solar panel and panel stand. - 1 Output Pipe with quick disconnect (male & female). - 1 Regulator with Low Volt Disconnect (20A). - 1 Float Switch (30' Relay Operated). - 1 Battery Box (one per four batteries). - 1 Wiring Package (Prewired Plug-in Ready). 20yr warranty on solar panels, Pump: 3 years warranty on float, 1yr warranty on the system. Call to arrange pick up. System options available. Required but not included: Poly Hose - rigid 1-1/2 in (not collapsible), post - 2-3/8" dia (one per 2 or three panels), Deep Cycle Batteries (Min. 1 per 50-75W) Located at 50 James Street in Lumsden. (306) 731-2224.